Connections to web interface timeout a lot

I have the web interface behind a reverse proxy, and connections to it timeout a lot. TLS is being terminated at the OpenVAS host, not the reverse proxy.

gsad.log contains a ton of these messages:

MHD: Server reached connection limit (closing inbound connection)

I believe I’ve traced the issue back to libmicrohttpd and the default setting of MHD_OPTION_CONNECTION_LIMIT = 2

Except I don’t know how to increase this limit. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I don’t have a GVM-9 setup at hand but master (GVM-11) has currently the following setting available for the gsad daemon:

gsad --help
–per-ip-connection-limit= Sets the maximum number of connections per ip. Use 0 for unlimited.

The related commit introducing this change seems to be the one here: