Configuring email server

i carefully wanted to know if its possible to add and configure a mail-server in the source edition?
I couldnt find any information about this, so i am not sure if its even possible.


Use your local MTA to relay the mail … i guess it just calls sendmail with the mail in RFC format.

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so it works like a smartHost i guess?
What i want to do is receiving alerts via mail, so i was thinking about a smtp config file or sth similar to tell where our relayServer is.

For sendmail i found lots of files in /var/lib/openvas/plugins/.. and a python file in

Just sendmail pipe, you have to configure your host MTA. Do not expect that GVM speaks SMTP.


just a quick question: in configuration->alerts i created a new alert. I even can test it and it sends me a testmail. However after a sacn i do not get a mail notification.

condition is set to “always” and “status done”

do i have to change something in my conditions?it seems right to me

Hm my alert should send me a mail if the severity is >4.9
I added the filter to my scan. it doesnt work like it should.
testmail works just fine.

in my alert, the settings are:
-> status done
-> severity >4.9

thats pretty much it. I cant explain why it does not work.
Has anyone faced the same problem?