Configuration of new users in the Greenbone Security Assistant

Hello good afternoon

I’m new to using Openvas, I’m using Greenbone Security Assistant Version 22.4.0.

With my super-admin I created some Targets and performed some Scans (on the targets), I created other users such as (guest, admin, user, monitor, observer) to test the functionalities
however these new users cannot see the reports and scans performed by my super-admin. But shouldn’t an admin user for example be able to view this information?

Whenever I create a new user, regardless of their profile level, it comes completely empty.

Could you help me to identify what I’m leaving blank, maybe it’s something how the application itself works.

Example: in zabbix I add some HOST, and then I create another user, and I give permission to view that host, so that user can see it.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello dramoslopespro, and welcome to the Greenbone community!

We use a strict permission system for all objects that are managed in the web interface.

By default, access to objects is as follows:

  • the creator/owner of objects has full acccess to their own objects
  • when creating other users, the creator has full access to the objects of their subordinate users
  • the “Super Admin” role has full access to all objects on the system

There are no exceptions for the “Admin” role. So in your case the behaviour you described is as expected.

To further manage object access, you can use the permission system (similar to Zabbix I assume). For details see 9 Managing the Web Interface Access — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 22.04.9 documentation. You can also create your own custom roles or groups and manage permission on a per-role/group basis.

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hello martin

Thank you very much for your reply.

Just yesterday I managed to solve my question through this other topic: Sharing tasks and reports with other users

Thanks for the support.