Compile on Almalinux 9.3

I’m trying to build sources again Alma Linux 9.3. And it was done successfully.
Here some note for those trying the same.
It seems this is almost the same as 8.x (see thread here Compile from source failure).
Note that i have to slightly change command line.

Follow the main doc (below in short)

mkdir -p /builddir/build/BUILD/gnutls-3.7.6/bundled_gmp/.libs
cd /builddir/build/BUILD/gnutls-3.7.6/bundled_gmp/.libs
ln -s /your/gmpbuildir/gmp-6.3.0/.libs/libgmp.a
  • deal with many dependencies. But these “error” can be circumvented easily.
git clone https://xxxxxxx
cd open-vassmb
mkdir build && cd build && cmake ..
C_INCLUDE_PATH="$C_INCLUDE_PATH:/usr/include/heimdal:/usr/include/heimdal/gssapi" make   #note there is no "LIBRARY_PATH=" like on AlmaLinux 8.x