Community feeds stopped working

I am running the community version of gsm (GSA Version 9.0.1) running (gvm10) and the community feeds stopped working. They no longer respond to ping and when I run a sync it fails.

It’s trying to use the correct IP’s

IPv6: 2a0e:6b40:10:105::fe:ed

They seemed to stop working about about a month ago?

Thank You

Just checked, everything is fine:

[~]/-\>nc 873
@RSYNCD: 31.0
Greenbone community feed server -
This service is hosted by Greenbone Networks -

All transactions are logged.

If you have any questions, please use the Greenbone community portal.
See for details.

By using this service you agree to our terms and conditions.

Only one sync per time, otherwise the source ip will be temporarily blocked.


The issue might be on your side, firewall, nat, pat, etc …

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Thank You for replying I will check out my firewall it was allowing it out I think someone made a change I don’t know about.

Thanks Again


I found the problem as I thought someone made a change blocking port 873. It’s working now

Thank You

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