Community Feed won't update

I’ve installed OpenVAS on a VMware machine at work. Everything is working fine except that there is no GCF update.

Please see screenshot. I can get ICMP replies from the server. I can get ncat replies from the feed server on RSYNC but yet, the feed won’t update.

Any ideas about what I am doing wrong?

Please see the blank Feed update page too.

Maybe using the right systems :wink:

Did you synced against the right system ?

@vsmusic2000 I could totally be wrong and I’m new to all of this but, I had issues updating the feed after the initial install and couldn’t figure it out. I logged out and went through the process again to update the feed and let it sit on the screen stating it’s running in the background for about 30min. After I clicked okay that time my feed updated.

*Every time I clicked through before it would fail but, when it sat on the ‘run in background’ screen for a while it worked. Idk if it’s the same issue but, that’s my experience.