Community Edition License

How to change trail version to the community edition. I am running the tool on a VMware box.

It is not possible to switch between the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL and the community edition. Also, the community edition is our free offering, and we do not sell license keys for it.

License keys can only be purchased for our commercial enterprise solutions. If you are interested in our enterprise solutions, please contact our sales team here:

Note that you will receive a new appliance in this case, but you will be able to migrate your trial data to the enterprise appliance.


HI martin,

Please provide community edition download link and installation procedure. Thank you in advance.

This depends on the way you want to set up the community edition.

Greenbone Community Edition containers:

Building from source:

If you have any further questions regarding the community edition, please open a new topic in the corresponding forum Getting Started - Greenbone Community Forum!

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