Clean Docker installation returns "GVM not responding"

Dear Community,

This is my first try with the product and I’ve installed the whole stack following the official documentation for Docker ( Everything went fine at first shot (which is always surprising :grin:) but when I try to connect to the service (first connection with default user/password), I just get an error message “The Greenbone Vulnerability Manager service is not responding.”.

Using Portainer, I can see that all of the “data containers” are flagged as “exited” and the stack regularly returns error message “Failed loading environment”. I wanted to have all data grouped into a dedicated folder, so slightly modified the provided compose file as follow:

  • All volumes have been updated: vt_data_vol:/mnt ~./Applications/openvas/data/vt_data_vol
  • GSA port has been changed (don’t think it has any impact)
  • Section “volumes” has been removed.

Capture d'écran_20221128_100943

Did anyone here stumble on the same issue?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Community!

Finally found out that the software firewall running on my VPS was preventing me from accessing the proper port… :man_facepalming: By the way, I tried to run a simple scan on my system and the scan was stuck at 8% for days (I even forgot I ran it :flushed:), so I once again suspect the firewall is playing tricks (on outgoing ports now).

Is there any documentation that lists the requested in/out ports I should authorize with the firewall to get normal behavior?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Welcome here,

Do not run any firewall, that will impact your scan results. As well you should not enable any firewall components, like session tracking, that can overflow your internal tables as well and impact your results as well.

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Hi Lukas, thanks for the quick answer!

Using an Oracle VPS, I’m not sure I have the choice over activating the firewall or not… Hence my question: is there any way to know which ports are used by the solution, so I can “clear them the way”?

Thanks in advance for any help!

I am sorry there is no way to know which ports need to be allowed. This depends on the to be run Vulnerability Tests and can change daily with new Vulnerability Tests in the feed.

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You need to disable the firewall, otherwise you will not get any reliable results :wink:

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OK, will dig into this! Thanks a lot guys!