Checking scan engine version

I have inherited a Greenbone Community Edition installation with no warning and less training. :wink: I am seeing the Severity 10.0 message that the scan engine is out of date. I figured out how to update the VTs and such, but I’m clearly missing how to update the scan engine as that error continues.

I’m sure the answer is in the manual, but I’ll be switched if I can find a clear answer. Anyone have a moment to point me in the right direction? I’d be much obliged.

Updating the scan engine depends on how you installed it.

If you used the source code, then download the new source code packages from GitHub page and re-install. I guess only openvas-scanner package as per the source code instructions.

For docker containers see this post or simply pull the new containers and put them up as per the Greenbone Docker containers workflow instructions


Note that all components (e.g. gvmd, gsa, gsad and especially gvm-libs and ospd-openvas) should be updated and kept up to date for reliable vulnerability scanning and reporting.