Changing scanner socket path location expected by openvasmd

Hi there,

I have a scanner listening on /usr/local/openvas/var/run/openvassd.sock. Openvasmd is looking to connect to the scanner at /var/run/openvassd.sock and I can’t seem to change this. I’ve tried with --modify-scanner option but that doesn’t help.

Both manager and scanner were recompiled from source with the -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local/openvas/ option.

Is there any way to change the scanner socket location setting in openvasmd ?

I’m using gvm-9.

Thanks !

I guess you are using a database created from a manager with a different install prefix. Please check your scanners in the database.

Hint for the sql statement:

select uuid, name, host from scanners;
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Yes, that’s the case. I was actually curious to understand where it’s defined. So I guess changing the scanner location would require to directly modify the database, something I would preferably avoid.

Thanks anyway for the explanation.