Changed Limitations for Community Feed Sync

In the past, we had very strict limitations for accessing our community feed sync. It was only allowed to have one connection per IP address. This restriction was applied due to users extensively trying to sync despite no updates were available. Sadly this caused a lot of trouble for other users where IP addresses have been shared (for example NAT) or network devices behaved faulty.

Therefore I am happy to announce that we are going to improve the situation by increasing the limitations step by step. As a first step, 5 connections per IP address are allowed and the maximum number of simultaneous connections has also been increased. We will constantly monitor the situation and adjust the limitations if necessary.

As a general advise there is no need and advantage to sync the feed more then once a day. The feed will only get one update per day from our side.


We have an open thread for your questions, comments and general discussion about the Community Feed access changes here: