Change scan detection quality by python Gmp library

hello, I’m new to this forum, I wanted some help or a description of what I can pass in the preferences parameter, in the create_task method of the gmp library in python.

Specifically, I need to change the detection quality of a task when creating it, I think this can be done in the preferences parameter, but I was not successful in some attempts, if not, an answer on how I can change it would be very useful this parameter.

Last attempt was to pass a value to preferences like this:

                                preferences={"Min QoD":"80"}

HI! I just found it and for everyone who didn’t found yet I’ll write right here.
In this example if you want to change the QoD to 80 you have to put in preferences:

For others value that aren’t specified in the documentation I suggest to print the result of getting a task. If you read a little bit you can found every values that you may be want to use. (I found the QoD sintax in the “<scanner_name>” under che “Min QOD when adding Assets”).