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Hello Greenbone Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently using Greenbone OpenVAS for vulnerability scanning and am very satisfied with the standard report format. It provides all the necessary information in a very clear and structured way. However, I would like to generate these reports in Portuguese.

Could anyone guide me on how to achieve this? Is there a built-in feature or option within Greenbone OpenVAS that allows for report generation in different languages, particularly Portuguese?

If such a feature does not exist, are there any solutions or workarounds available that I could utilize? I am considering customizing the report templates, possibly by modifying the LaTeX files to translate the text from English to Portuguese. I would like to maintain the current structure and comprehensive detail of the reports, just in my preferred language. Any guidance or documentation on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Presently, there is no feature to that supports other languages for the PDF reports.

You can find this post which describes the basic method of how to find the files used for PDF report generation, and modify them to build custom reports.

The Report is just a translation of the XML via XSLT into a Report. All text within the reports can be made in any language, if you build your own report format. The vulnerability information are a different story, if you translate all NVTs (that would be a huge job).

Greenbone already had report-formats in German and other languages. You need to disable the signature function due to the fact that report-formats are “executeables”, or it´s needed to be signed by Greenbone.

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