Change IP Subnet of greenbone-community-edition_default

Hi, we are using the Greenbone community edition as docker installation.
After the installation the “greenbone-community-edition_default” is using the subnet, which collides with none of our used networks.
therefore the greenbone VM cannot connet to any other IP outside of it`s network.
I already tryed to create a “daemon.json” file with

“bip”: “”,
“ipv6”: false,
“fixed-cidr”: “”

but this only changes the subnet for the default bridge.
How do change the othe used subnet?

Thanks in advance!

:thinking: I think this is a bit outside of the scope of the help you are likely to get here. However, I can see there are many other tutorials and information about how to configure Docker containers to use a different subnet. such as:

I hope that helps!

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Thanks for your reply, it already worked as it should, after I created the daemon.json file.
Somehow it only did fully functional after I rebooted the whole VM.

Now it`s running!