Change default port list


I created a port list, that I would like to use as default port list for all my future scans. I can’t seem to find any possibility to change that., so that I don’t always have to click on the “portlist” section when defining a target. An option I thought could be is gvmd --modify-setting but I do not know if there is a UUID for default port list, or even where to find the UUID in general (without looking it up in the Web Interface). Does the possibility exist to change that?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

@Don If I remember correctly then you cannot modify it. Just add a new portlist.


Hi Don.

Sorry it is currently not possible to modify the default port-list.


Clone it and change it.

So an update on this… you can define a default port list under user settings. However, I can’t get it to work. So am I missing something or is it time for a bug report?


Check if your tasks are using your desired port list already. The defaults only apply to tasks that are newly created and will not alter already existing ones.

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I’m using the “Advanced Task Wizard” as well as creating the targets manually, same results. Have logged in/out and even restarted everything. But still the standard “All IANA assigned TCP” is pre-selected.

Using the docker installation.