Capacity or dimension of the Virtual machine

What capacity or dimension of the virtual machine (CPU, RAM, HD and others) do I need to scan an environment with 1000 machines? Is there a place for me to calculate?

This depends on how long the scan should take, how many dead ip addresses the scan has to skip, how fast the network is and of course how much data is collected on the hosts.
In this overview of Greenbone’s commercial VMs we have listed the numbers of IPs (dead and alive) we believe can be scanned in 24h in a commonly seen network setup, as well as the number of vCPUs and RAM the VM provides. It’s of course just rough estimation, but maybe it helps you along.


I was talking about the create a VM to can support scan approximately 1000 IPs live, with download solution. For example: 4 cpu - 8 GB ram - 100 GB hard disk - network: GB.

You were talking about a VM that can scan an environment with 1000 machines. You wrote that quite clearly the first time as well. I tried to give you the best answer I can. Was it helpful?

Also: I’m not sure what you mean with “with download solution?” Please specify what you wish to download. A VM?

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