Cant update NVT anymore

Hello guys

when i try to update NVT feed i get the following error message. How to fix it. Tks

I want to join this as i have the same problem.
I find hints about NAT and switching to IPV6.
Well - not everybody in the world can use IPV6 so NAT is still a usual way to connect.

I want to ask a simple question - what is the problem using IPV4 and NAT?

If one does not switch to IPV6 - will this mean he will no long be able to update the feeds?

As i guess many more people have this problem i’d be happy to get a reliable info about this issue.

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that’s exactly what it is. Can anyone tell us exactly how to update NVT Feed?

“Connection timeout” looks like a firewall issue. Here are many post about community syncs and firewalls. Please check them out: