Cant start openvas

I am trying to install openvas on ubuntu. I keep getting this error when try to start openvas

(openvas:763522): sd   main-WARNING **: 17:48:16.245: init_logging: Can not open or create log file or directory. Please check permissions of log files listed in /etc/openvas/openvas_log.conf.

I have tried running with sudo (when run with sudo nothing happens, no output, nothing) and change permissions but that didnt do anything, any help?


what’s your installation method? via packages? source build?

Could you check the content of /etc/openvas/openvas_log.conf and the path to the files listed in the config?

I did a source build, the path the to files in the log file is /var/log/gvm/openvas.log

Does /var/log/gvm exist? What are the permissions of /var/log/gvm (just check with ls -la /var/log/gvm)?