Cant scan specific host


i have a Problem with scanning a specfic target.
Iam using Version (21.4.3).

I can scan the network area, but not a specific host.
When I scan the network area, it does not find that one host.
When I scan with Nmap it works.
Nmap shows me the host with a list with all open ports.
The firewall on the network allows the scan to pass.
I restartet the Greenbone-Server - but this does not help.

Where should I look for the error?

@Keysersozede host alive setting?


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Sorry, i dont know what exactly you mean.
The Host is online and reachable.
And a Scan with Nmap ist successful.
I also can ping the https port from the greenbone-server via cli.

XXX@openvas:~$ telnet XXX 443
Trying XXX…
Connected to XXX

@Keysersozede please then read the documentation. its related how host is checked as alive.

its under scan configuration



Thank you.
The Scan is working now with a different Alive Test.

For the records, some documentation on the “Alive tests” topic is available here:

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