Cant install gvm-libs directory "/run/gvm": Permission denied


I’m trying to build and install the gvm-libs v21.4.4 . I have set the install prefix as “DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/gvm”. All files seem to respect this path except for /run. The docs don’t show a variable for the /run folder. The user gvm:gvm does not have permissions on /run, it needs to go to /opt/gvm/run where /opt/gvm is my prefix path.

I now manually copy the files, but there’s something not right here.

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If I build with “-DGVM_RUN_DIR=/opt/gvm/run/gvm” the error is resolved. Is this the correct way to handle this?

You really should know that this directory is for, and not doing it that way. If you don´t understand how a Linux Systems manage it’s services you will fail with that type of setup.

Please read how to init a system and then think if this is the way you wanna go. Some components needs to run as root anyway. So your setup that way will not work.

If you are using GVM 21.4.4 it should be -DGVMD_RUN_DIR=/opt/gvm/run/gvm for gvmd and -DGSAD_RUN_DIR=/opt/gvm/run/gvm for gsad. Nevertheless this directory is not put within the prefix by intention. /run is a special directory and (mostly) handled by systemd. Thus without knowing about all the details you will run in other issues at the end.

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I’m using -DGVM_RUN_DIR=/run/gvmd for GVMD and -DGSAD_RUN_DIR=/run/gsad for GSAD.
If you want to use /run directory, don’t forget to configure your service adding permissions like:





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