Can't create scan config

I have just installed the last version Kali Linux and OpenVAS. I can’t create scan config, I have current status feed, but my last logs show
libgvm util:Warning(date) ERROR: Error on line 1 char 1: Document was empty or contained only whitespace
md manage:Warning:(date) update_nvt_cache_osp: failed to get VTs

Do you know what is the problem ?

Hi @kacpernet and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Is this only happening with custom scanning configs or does it also happen with the built-in scanning configurations.


Thank you for your answer @DeeAnn :slight_smile:
I can not do scan because, when I want do task the button “scan config” is gray and I can’t do anything. When I want change scan config then it shows

“Failed to find config 'daba56c8-73ec-11df-002264764cea”
I did all recommended tools which are above and it did not change anything :confused:

ok, looks like you’re running into something that appears sometimes (might be a timing issue, not sure). There’s a thread here with some ideas on how to resolve it,

Hope that helps!


Ok, I will install openvas again and do it. I will write You later if it helps me.
Thank you for your time

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You’re welcome and yep, please let us know how it goes.

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Hey, it did’t help.
I thought that the firewall could blocked sth and I took it to my house and it was a good idea, it worked there…