Can't create new credential encryption key via openvasmd

Hi :slight_smile:

I got some errors that my stored credentials couldn’t be decrypted and so I followed the description in the INSTALLATION file in the gvm-7.0.3/ directory to delete the old key and create a new one.

When I come to the command openvasmd --create-credentials-encryption-key, I always get an error message:

root@mak1-vas1:/home/openvas# openvasmd --create-credentials-encryption-key

(openvasmd:2112): md   main-CRITICAL **: main: g_option_context_parse: Unknown option --create-credentials-encryption-key

So I’m not able to create a new key. Since I deleted the old key, I’m not able to start the openvas-manager service :confused:

Am I missing something? Thanks a lot in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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Christian Hartmann

Nobody who could help me?

Hi Chartman,

The option --create-credentials-encryption-key just don’t exist. Where have you seen that ?
That’s why you get an error.

If you need to delete your old keyring, then you just need to remove (backup it first, just in case !) the directory /var/lib/openvas/openvasmd/gnupg directory and restart openvasmd.

Openvas will automatically recreate your keyring if this directory doesn’t exist.


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As I wrote in the OP, this is stated in the INSTALL file.

I’ll try deleting the directory :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!

Edit: Still doesn’t work. My openvas-manager doesn’t start

base gpgme:MESSAGE:2019-04-08 06h33.10 utc:499: Setting GnuPG dir to '/usr/local/var/lib/openvas/openvasmd/gnupg'
base gpgme:MESSAGE:2019-04-08 06h33.10 utc:499: Using OpenPGP engine version '2.1.18'
md  crypt:MESSAGE:2019-04-08 06h33.10 utc:499: skipping unusable OpenPGP key 96EE1398E4E4D98B
md  crypt:MESSAGE:2019-04-08 06h33.10 utc:499: error searching for OpenPGP key 'OpenVAS Credential Encryption': Not found
md   main:CRITICAL:2019-04-08 06h33.10 utc:499: main: failed to initialise OMP daemon

Right, I actually did not see it. I think this option perhaps works with gvmd, not openvasmd. Perhaps it was only listed as “reserved for future use”, as this option is not even documented in the man pages.


It seems this command line parameter was dropped a few years ago but wasn’t removed from the INSTALL file.

If you’re stumbling over such inconsistencies you can always create a new issue at the github issue tracker of the affected component (here gvmd). For this specific command line parameter i have already raised:

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

I researched a little more and found a problem starting ‘omp’: it complains about a missing

So perhaps it’s best to kill the server and install it from scratch. It’s still in testing and not used productive at the moment.