Can't Build from Source - Greenbone Community Edition

Hi there,

Can’t build Greenbone Community Edition from Source on Ubuntu 22.04. The below return error 404:

curl -f -L$OPENVAS_SMB_VERSION.tar.gz -o $SOURCE_DIR/openvas-smb-$OPENVAS_SMB_VERSION.tar.gz

curl -f -L$OPENVAS_SMB_VERSION/openvas-smb-v$OPENVAS_SMB_VERSION.tar.gz.asc -o $SOURCE_DIR/openvas-smb-$OPENVAS_SMB_VERSION.tar.gz.asc

I think the links are broken.

Please double check if you did set the OPENVAS_SMB_VERSION environment variable. You need to set it for every new shell for example if you closed your terminal in the meanwhile.