Cannot update NVT after a Docker container is running

I am running atomicorp/openvas Docker container. When I run the container I can just update the NVT at start up by doing:

docker run -d -p 443:443 -e OV_UPDATE=yes --name openvas atomicorp/openvas

But I also want to be able to update if the container is already running.

There are 3 scripts under /sbin inside the container:

  • /greenbone-nvt-sync
  • /usr/sbin/greenbone-certdata-sync
  • /usr/sbin/greenbone-scapdata-sync

According to the documentation, if I run these three scripts in this order it should update everything.

But If I do it and got to the Feed status from the GUI the last update is from the last time I ran the container. SO it seems that the scripts do not work.

Do you have any idea?

I am sorry you have to ask the authors of the docker container for the usage. Greenbone isn’t involved in providing this docker container.