Cannot log in to OpenVAS (Error in the push function)

Can anyone help me out here?

I’ve got an older version of OpenVAS which has some reports I neglected to download. Now I can’t log into the durned thing!

/var/log/openvas/openvasmd.log shows:

lib serv:WARNING:2018-10-11 20h45.02 utc:15114: Failed to gnutls_bye: Error in the push function.

Every time I try to log in.

I have changed the “admin” user’s password at the CLI. Seemed to work. Nothing.
I setup a NEW admin and used the provided password. No luck.

Can someone help me get this thing working again, please?

openvasmd --version
OpenVAS Manager 5.0.9
Manager DB revision 123
Copyright © 2010-2014 Greenbone Networks GmbH
License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

You GNU-TLS version is not compatible with this version. The API of the library has changed.

Please note the Openvas version is end of life and no support can be given any more. The best would be you restore a backup from the last known working state and replace the tasks.db with your restored backup.

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