Cannot find CVE-2023-47246

Good day,

i just updated my feeds a few minutes ago, but i still cannot find CVE-2023-47246.

My feed versions are as follows:
Greenbone Community Feed 20231109T0557
Greenbone SCAP Data Feed 20231110T0504
Greenbone CERT Data Feed 20231110T0426
GVMD_DATA Greenbone Data Objects Feed 20231110T0504

Any ideas? Thanks


the CVE has been published TODAY by NIST

that means it will arrive in the feed earliest on Monday (we are not updating the feed at weekends).

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copy. thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Important note:

The CVE-2023-47246 will only show up on SecInfo -> CVEs in the feed earliest on Monday as mentioned previously.

But a VT covering this specific flaw should be available later today / this evening for all Greenbone Enterprise Feed Customers (The VT won’t be available in the Greenbone Community Feed): (Note: As mentioned previously not available yet)

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