Can we build GVM 20.08 on Centos 7 from source code?


Operating system: Centos 7
Kernel: (‘uname -a’) Centos 7
Installation method / source: source code

Hello everyone, I’m sorry if my template lacks of any information needed, I’m new to this environment and still learning. I’m using Centos 7 for my project, and I need to install GVM (preferably GVM 20.08) on my Centos 7. I need an advice if it was possible or not.

I’ve tried to install the GVM 11 before using the tutorials I found on in the internet, but I keep on failing and having errors (even though I have followed every steps of the tutorials) and I can’t find the solution to solve the errors.

First, I’m wondering if installing GVM 20.08 is possible on Centos 7 or not, building it from the source code. I only found the tutorial to build it on Ubuntu environment so I use it as a guide but I’m adjusting it with Centos 7 environment. Here is the tutorial link :

Please give me reccomendations and advice, thanks in advance!

Without compiling an lot of libraries no. But using CentOS8 works fine.

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Hasn’t centos8 been a dissapointment lately?
I sure as one (and know a lot of others like me) will not use 8, which was initially planned to be OEL’ed around 2029?

So, assuming centos8 is a no-go, would it work on Rocky Linux? (which arguably is extremely close to centos8 in many ways, though “downwind”).

Thanks for any insight :slight_smile: