Can OSP (ospd-openvas) with gvm-cli export XML reports as PDF?

Hello everyone. I know I have littered this forum with so many questions but I am at the end of achieving full functionality in OpenVAS Scanner to work. So I was able to perform a scan and it worked! However, I wanted to ask is it possible to use the OSP protocol to export XML reports as PDF? I get an error when doing this and wondered if this is possible. This would be done before using omp like so: ${OMP} --get-report ${scan_report} --format asdf2343-443db-fsdf24-3243-5345gdd >${TMP}/${scan_task}.pdf

My environment uses Ubuntu 20.04, and the libraries I have installed are as follows:
gvm_libs: 20.8.0
openvas_scanner: 20.8.0
ospd: 20.8.0
ospd_openvas: 20.8.0

I appreciate any help anyone can do for me.

Hi, you are mixing GMP and OSP. Please read About GVM 20.08 Architecture for some background.

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@bricks Hey Ricks, sorry for the confusion. After looking through your API documentation I believe I found my answer but if you can clarify with me: The API commands of the OSP Protocol cannot export XML to PDF since it doesn’t have the API of <get_reports>, only gvmd (GMP Protocol) has this, correct? I noticed OSP is limited in its commands since it is only meant as a scanner which would make sense. Thanks for the help!