Can OpenVas scan about vulnerability of software

Hi everyone,
Environment: OpenVas 27.4 from this link Workflows - Greenbone Community Documentation
Today I want to ask some question about Can OpenVas scan about vulnerability of software (Microsoft Office, Chrome, Firebox, …).
Current I scan just see of about Windows EOL nothing else but When I use another application scan I saw alot of vulnerability of chrome and firefox.
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You can search for products, CVEs and vulnerability tests (VT) that are supported by Greenbone by:

  1. Using the tools in the SecInfo menu in the top menu of Greenbone Community or Enterprise Edition.
  2. Using the online SecInfo portal, log in as a guest and use the same tools to search the Enterprise feed for products, CVEs, and VTs.

Using the portal for example, you can see many CVEs and NVTs related to Chrome such as the recent CVE-2023-4863 And CVE-2023-5217 vulnerabilities in the libwebp library.

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