Can not install Openvas with yum

i’m new with Openvas.
i need to setup Openvas in centos os
I get some research and found some site about install Openvas with yum
but when i try to run:
“yum -y install openvas” or “yum -y install greenbone-vulnerability-manager”
i got error like “No package openvas available”
Did i follow the correct guide,
is there anything wrong?
Is there any oficial installation guide for setup openvas for centos?

btw: Is there any chat channel like skype, or slack that i can join?

ps: This is my first time i join and post my question. My apology for any inconvenience or wrong category selection.



**Operating system:Centos
**Installation method / source:yum -y install openvas


I’m sorry, but Greenbone doesn’t support nor provide any packages for distributions. I would recommend to go back to your packet maintainer or use the official Greenbone Community Edition.


Thank for response, may i ask is there any official document/guideline about setup Openvas scanner in centos/linux?

No, there is no documentation provided by Greenbone about installing packages for any distribution. As @emoss already did mention we don’t provide packages for distributions.