Can I create targets using script?


I have OpenVAS up and running. I am using atomicorp/openvas Docker image. I would like to create a script wich pulls the image, updates the NVT’s and displays on which port the GUI can be found. Not a problem at all. But now…let’s say I want to create targets based on my network or predefined tests. Such that the user can just run the script and like half an hour later test the devises. Is this possible?

Furthermore, I want to make another point here. Is it possible to create my own web app running on another container, use Openvas and perform tests. My idea is to create an app that combine tools like OpenVAS, Nikto, Zaproxy and Sslyze under one common interface. This will be the ideal situation. The figure bellow explains a bit more clear what I mean

PLEASE GIVE ME SOME IDEAS!!! :slight_smile:
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Your core question about how to create a target can be answered with: Use GMP via gvm-tools.

A modular approach to integrate various scanners into one GUI is a good approach. Greenbone already designed and implemented such a framework. Please check for OSP, the Open Scanner Protocol. A first version of OSP is even supported in GVM-9.


Thank you :slight_smile: