Can Android device be scanned for CVEs using GVM

Hi ,

We are trying to scan a Device with Android OS (A 11) for the CVEs.

We followed below steps

  1. Create a new target with the IP address of the device.
  2. Create a new scan task for the created target.
  3. Tried using both the scanners OpenVAS and CVE.

In the results it shows only one CVE scanned and 2 or 3 vulnerabilities . Is it expected ?

Is there any different procedure to scan Android for the applied CVEs?

It sounds like your approach to scanning an Android device’s network attack surface is correct. However, when you say: “it shows only one CVE scanned”, I think you mean that it only identified one CVE. The scan task would have completed all vulnerability tests included in the selected scan configuration.

If you want to scan the Android device’s host attack surface, you would have to enable SSH access to the device (or VM if using an Android virtualization), create a username + password credential in Greenbone and add that credential to the scan task before running it.

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Android or any other mobile / smart phone operating systems like Apple iOS are currently out of the scope of any feed (be it commercial or community feed) for various reasons.

The only expectation is that if the device is e.g. exposing a FTP service with e.g. default credentials (or any other service with specific vulnerabilities) and there is a VT covering this specific flaw it might / will be detected.

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