Bulk tagging hosts doesn't work

in my host asset list I selected “Apply to selection”, chose some of the hosts in the list and clicked the tag icon. In the popup dialog I selected one of my predefined tags and clicked “Add Tag”. Afterwards I checked in the tags list whether the tag has been assigned to the selected hosts, but it wasn’t. This happened with Firefox and Chrome on my GCE 6.0.3. Did I miss something?
So long,

Hi mschmitz,

this was a known issue and has been fixed in February with this pull request https://github.com/greenbone/gsa/pull/1985

Unfortunately, this fix is not part of the 6.0.3 GCE as this was packaged earlier.
I’m afraid you have to either tag the hosts one by one or find a filter that matches your manual selection.

This issue is true for all taggable entities, by the way, as tagging by user selection in general was broken. So don’t be surprised when this same thing happens for tasks etc as well :wink:


This is fixed in the new GCE 6.0.7, see https://community.greenbone.net/t/greenbone-community-edition-6-0-7-released/.