Build from Source: GVM Libs not working

I am new to trying to build my code from scratch and a bit of a newbie with Linux. I have used OpenVAS but since I am putting it in a VM I figured I would build from scratch as when I did the trial I can only do a certian number of systems.

Here is what I am doing:
Following to build and when I get to the " Downloading the gvm-libs sources" and put in the
curl -f -L$GVM_LIBS_VERSION.tar.gz -o $SOURCE_DIR/gvm-libs-$GVM_LIBS_VERSION.tar.gz ,

Curl gives me a Curl: (22) URL return error :404

When I try to find the file, the directory structure doesn’t exist as stated. Please help so I can continue my install. Everything else has been going well thus far.


what’s the output of echo $GVM_LIBS_VERSION? It’s most likely you didn’t set the environment variable GVM_LIBS_VERSION.

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22.4.4 is the response

This is what I am seeing.

In this case you mixed up gvm-libs and pg-gvm. What’s your value of PG_GVM_VERSION?

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Btw. downloading gvm-libs 22.4.4 works for me

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Thank you so much for your help. Yes I had a mistype in the command line. All is working just great now and I am coping all the command instead of typing them.