Best way to scan a network

The title says it all. I know that we are limited to a cider of 20 which gives 4096 IP addresses, but I have a much larger network to scan. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Scanning a larger network in a single task is not a good idea. You really should think about splitting up the scans into several task each using only a segment of the network as the target.

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Could you elaborate on why it’s not a good idea? Because of the size of the single report?

You need to think about your network and what’s expected. What do you want to gather when scanning a big network besides just data? There will be thousands of results. What do you want to achieve? Do you have responsible persons for fixing vulnerabilities? Do you have a plan how to tackle the findings?

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Are there any technical reasons to not do this, not taking the data problem into account?

Yes of course. Your scan will take ages to finish. It will take a looooooooong time and a lot of cpu/memory to create downloadable reports for example a pdf report. Also there is currently a technical restriction that you wont see all report details for such big reports at the report details page in GSA. The full details are only shown if there are less then 25000 results in the report.

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That makes sense :slight_smile: Thank you