Basic one-liner on how to Docker run the public GVM image

Could anyone please provide a simple one liner on how to start the GVM docker images from Docker.

at the end of the official documentation you will find how to download a script which does everything and how to execute.


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I read that but what I’m looking for is the basic docker run, as the image is already built and available at Docker hub. For example, look at how deineagenturug/gvm:latest-full documented his GVM image docker run syntax:

docker run
–env HTTP_PROXY=“”
–env DB_PASSWORD=“postgres DB password”
–env PASSWORD=“webUI password”
–name gvmd deineagenturug/gvm:latest-full

If you have everything set as described in the documentation, you should be able to run the GVM stack with
docker compose -f $DOWNLOAD_DIR/docker-compose.yml -p greenbone-community-edition up -d

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I’m not asking about docker compose, I’m asking about how to start the official image listed here:Docker.

E.g. after docker pull greenbone/openvas-scanner, what docker run command to use. Or is the docker image not an actual all-in-one GVM instance like deineagenturug’s or mikesplain’s?

greenbone/openvas-scanner is only the openvas-scanner (it includes gvm-libs and openvas-smb which are necessary for building the scanner). It doesn’t include other GVM modules like ospd-openvas, notus-scanner, gvm, gsad, there is no feed, etc.


As @jjnicola pointed out, our official docker setup is split into several containers each running a single service and orchestrated through docker compose. In contrast the unofficial/external/unsupported/not-maintained setups like for example GitHub - mikesplain/openvas-docker: A Docker container for Openvas are mostly using a single container approach and run all services within this single container. IMHO this is against the spirit of containers.


Ah right, I understand now. Perhaps the Docker site readme could explain this better, because if you look at the docker pull stats for all the individual greenbone/openvas-* images they are in the 10k to 50k range, compare to the all-in-one images from mikesplain and others are in the 10M+ range. So people do use it (and it’s fabulous), just not the images you’re providing. Maybe people are deterred by the lack of clarity

I am really confused what’s missing at the README of The fist sentence is to look at for detailed instruction on how to use the Greenbone Community Container images. Maybe you can explain that in more detail?