Automating the Scanning pdf result

Hi, This is my second topic question, as I am new to Greenbone I did my first scan and got the scan results of different targets. But my question is; the automatically generated pdf is good for technical people. To deliver this report for customers/non-technical, are there any means or editing tools to convert this pdf for more meaningful formats just including table of contents and the way it is easily understood for clients. Thank you.

The core internal format is XML and you can to a XSLT transformation into any format or report you like. The commercial appliance does include more and customer friendly reports with the community edition you can use the power of XSLT and XML transformation into any format you wish.

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Thank you Lukas. I have XML and pdf formats in my GSA only. How do I get XSLT format ?is there any means to automatically generate the scan results into word formats or is there any tools or software I have to add in Ubuntu/Debian OS VM that I hosted my GVM tool.

You have to do that by your own XSLT Transformation. This is out of scope here, and you can google for a XSLT Tutorial, there are many resources out how to generate a word document from XML via XSLT as well.

okay, I will thank you so much for your guidance and support.

You can find the report format .xml files in the /var/lib/gvm/data-objects/gvmd/22.04/report-formats directory. It may be easiest to modify one of these files to suit your needs, then you can import directly via the GSA web interface report formats page (import icon in top left-hand corner. Each <file> element in the report format .xml file is a base64 encoded file within itself. You can decode them to see their contents and modify to build your custom report.

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Thank you rippledj. Sorry for the delayed response as I am not here.
Yes I imported pdf files as well as xml file through the GSA web interface. But they have a lot of details so I want to automate by some means without manual editing.

That is the reason why you need to build a XSLT …

A report format (plugin) is more or less a shell script called generate that gets a file path to the report XML as input argument and prints the desired output to standard out.

Most of the time this generate script calls xsltproc with a XSLT file and the XML report file to transform the report xml into some other form of.

Additionally the report format must be packaged into a specific XML file wich has the format

<report_format id="UUID">
  <name>REPORT FORMAT NAME</name>
  <extension>OUTPUT FORMAT. For example pdf</extension>
  <content_type>CONTENT TYPE OF THE OUTPUT FORMAT. For example text/pdf</content_type>
  <file name="some.file">BASE64 of some.file. For example the XSLT file</file>
  <file name="generate">BASE64 of the generate script</file>
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Thank you Lukas.

Thank you so much bricks.