Automating the gvm scanning from the command line

Hi rippledj
Thank you for the response. As I am new to GVM I have other questions please.

I have a project to my company and I have three questions so could you provide me your support please?

  1. Which module of GVM is triggered from the command line for scanning and how?
  2. Next how to provide the IP-addresses for that module to start scanning and then how to get the list of hosts ?
  3. I also want to get the XML/pdf output of the scan result.

I am reading and following the steps on the Tech doc of Greenbone but still I couldn’t solve.

I have GVM already installed in my Kali Linux virtual machine, the web-UI works fine at 127.0…1:9392 for the scanning and it generates a pdf as well as xml report. And also I downloaded the gvm-cli installed python-gvm and gvmtools in my windows 11 machine. But I need to do this tasks without using the UI that means automating scanning from the command line. Your urgent response please?


I am sorry but if you have project and you are not able to resolve these detailed questions on your own, you need to take a look at our products which include profession support. All docs for answering your questions are publicly available. You can’t expect other people to do your research for free. Sorry.


This is not a good response as an expert at least you have to guide new users for "how to " for it.

Thank you

It’s really not that difficult to find answers for your question! For example start reading our Greenbone Community Documentation which are referenced in this forum a lot! Afterwards you could take a look at docs for gvm-tools for example.

Of course, all the documentation could be improved but you get them for free! Either invest some money or time. That’s how free software/open source works. But you can’t expect support for free.

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If you looking for free services and some one else in doing your job for free, this is not the right place for you.

All your questions are already documented and i can only tell your read our fine documentation (RTFM).

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