Automatic Feed Synchronization


I would like to configure automatic update e.g. once per day. It can be done by cron running greenbone-feed-sync.
The question is should i restart services as well doing this cron job?
According on documentation not clear enough:

1. Downloading the changes via [rsync](
2. Loading the changes into memory and a database by a daemon

Both steps may take a while, from several minutes up to hours, especially for the initial synchronization. Only if both steps are finished, the synchronized data is up-to-date and can be used.

The first step is done via the **greenbone-feed-sync** script. The second step is done automatically when the daemons are started.

This depends on your install method. For bare-metal installations or traditional virtual-machine installations, you don’t need to restart, the synchronization happens in the background. However, for the Greenbone CE Docker containers, its a two step process that includes “restarting” the container volumes that have the newest downloaded data.

For Docker containers, see the “Greenbone Docker containers workflows section on performing a feed synchronization”

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