Authenticated scans and firewall configuration

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Today I like to test GVM and I have the following question:

In the OpenVas documentation is a section called ‘Authenticated scans’ to get even better results. To use Authenticated scans for Windows are the following required:

• An exception rule for the GSM on the Microsoft Windows firewall must be created. Additionally,
on XP systems the service File and Printer Sharing must be set to enabled.
• Generated install package for credentials: During the installation the installer oers a dialog to
enter the IP address of the GSM. If the entry is confirmed, the firewall rule is configured. The
service File and Printer Sharing will be enabled in the firewall rules.

The question is: which exception rule must be configure on the firewall to scan Windows systems outside the firewall and on other vlan’s? In the documentation I cannot find the ports that are probably is used for scanning targets.

I hope that someone can help me!

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i have stripped most of the quoted text from the documentation because it made the topic too long and didn’t added any benefit to this topic.

I have also remove the question about scanning firewall devices because it isn’t related to the first question about the firewall configuration on the target host. Please create a new topic about this unrelated question to help keeping focus on one question in this thread.

All of the ports you use in your port list :wink: