Attached pdf with only critical vulnerabilities

When we configure an alert, including a pdf attached, how can we define that the PDF contain only critical vulnerabilities?


Are you configuring the alert in the Web GUI via
Web GUI > Configuration > Alerts > New Alert?
The new alert dialogue has a line called “Report Content” the whole line reads “Compose” and functions as button. If you click it a new dialogue opens and allows you to select a predefined results filter. Create one beforehand that includes
and you will get a report in your alert, that includes only results with the severity high.

Please let me know if this worked for you.

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Well, I was trying to do it programatically.
If is there an example of it I would appreciated, if not I will go through the debug logs and try to find out how can it be done…

Thanks for the tip!

As @Tino just stated you need to use a result filter with levels=h. Alternatively you can set a minimum severity via the filter e.g. severity>5. See the GMP docs for the details


Tried on the UI and it works as I need, so thanks!

I will try to include this in the programmatically alert generation and see how it goes :slight_smile: