AT&T Customers: Please note

AT&T Cybersecurity uses the Greenbone Source Edition and the Greenbone Community Feed for their products “USM Appliance” and “OSSIM”. AT&T plans to contact Greenbone about some issues occurred recently with this integration which by today did not happen.

Currently there is no support agreement about the integration of Greenbone technology into AT&T products, so please be patient. We keep you informed about an upcoming solution.


We have been in contact with AT&T Cybersecurity and they will adjust their download routine shortly in order to distribute the latest Greenbone Community Feed. The discussed issue will resolve automatically, no need to act on your side.

There will be no support agreement between Greenbone and AT&T Cybersecurity about USM Appliance. This product is end-of-sale since May 15th 2018.

Please understand that this also means that the full scan coverage feed will not become available via USM Appliance.

If the Greenbone technology part of your USM Appliance is relevant for you, a comparable product is a Greenbone Virtual Appliance. If you like to discuss this solution please send an email to with subject “USM Appliance replacement”.


Update and good news via @Jan:

AT&T Cybersecurity and Greenbone have worked out a solution that ensures continuity of the vulnerability scanning feed for AT&T’s USM appliance until its end of life. Users of USM via Alienvault will also receive continued coverage and we’d like to thank AT&T for the help in working towards a beneficial result for everyone.