Are these NVTs available at all/in any commercial appliance?

Similar to my other question, but this time I want to know if the following NVTs are available at all/in any commercial appliance?

Require NVT Availability
Account Policies found in Policy Family
Audit Policy found in Policy Family
File System Rights not found
Firefox’s prefs.js not found
Firewall Profiles found in Policy Family
Registry found in Policy Family
Registry Permissions not found
User Rights Assignment found in Policy Family
Windows Features not found
Windows Optional Features not found

File System Rights and Registry Permissions contain settings like:

"BUILTIN\\Administrators": "FullControl"
"NT Authority\\System": "..."

Windows Features contain settings like the existence and feature name.

Hi greenscan,

we offer two feeds, the Greenbone Security Feed (GSF) and the Greenbone Community Feed (GCF). The GSF comes with all our commercial appliances with no distinction between them. The choice which appliance to buy is based on your infrastructure and scanning needs, not the feed.

Hope that helps,

Ok, that’s good. I can’t find the NVTs mentioned in the table. Are they in the GSF or am I just not able to find them?