Are there issues with the community feed again?

Been trying to update the feeds on a new install for last 2 days.

Normally only takes an hour or 2 at most but we’re at about 36 hours now and it’s still trying to pull down data.

Don’t seem to be getting more than 5kb/s.

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Only one sync per time, otherwise the source ip will be temporarily blocked.

receiving incremental file list

  • 22,182,528  92%    4.99kB/s    0:06:00*

How many feed-syncs have you done in the past ?
That might only happen to excessive use of feed-syncs.

Normally just one sync a day from this site.

Been a bit more frequent the past couple of days as attempts timeout/hang etc but never more than once every couple of hours.

Don’t think we could have done anything that would count as excessive use.

Routed the traffic over a VPN to another site and it seems fine now so seems it is something to do with the IP being limited.

No idea what we’ve done to trigger it though.