API Module + Website Integration


Is there a way to send a request ie. network scan via http from a distant web server? We are planning to integrate GSA to our website, any ideas or other ways how to do it?

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Hello Dan,

First: Welcome to the Community :vulcan_salute:

Yes you can :slight_smile:

Take a look here:

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Hi Christoph,

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Would you be so kind to walk me through with GMP and on how I can achieve my objective to integrate GSA to our website.


No problem. You are very welcome.

Since I do not know your plans in concrete terms, I cannot assist here.
Read in first and if there are any special questions: Feel free to ask them here.

Also refer to the search. Many questions regarding this, have already been answered :wink:



we can’t and will not assist you by implementing a web service. This is clearly something which needs professional support. As @Christoph already wrote our API is GMP and we provide a python library https://python-gvm.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ to speak GMP.