All scans interrupt at 0%

GVM versions

**openvas-scanner: 21.4.3
**gvm-libs: 21.4.3


**Operating system: kali linux ARM
**Kernel: Linux kali-rpi 5.4.83-Re4son-v7+ #4 SMP Debian kali-pi (2021-11-05) armv7l GNU/Linux
**Installation method / source : Kali Linux deps


I’m facing an issue with my last GVM installation. Using a Raspberry Pi, I use kali’s depots to install it (apt-get install gvm). I’ve already done this on a x86 VM with no issue.

All installation steps are OK, gsa is running well but when I start a scan, it stop instantanely and show “Interrputed at 0%”.

I check ospd-openvas.log and see “OpenVAS Scanner failed to load VTs”
So I do a redis-cli command and see that redis-server is using default redis.conf and NOT redis-openvas.conf.
So I renamed it and relaunch. No more errors in ospd-openvas.log but still the same message with scans.

Any ideas of resolving it?

Hi @Kptainflintt and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That’s pretty neat that you’re running it on a Pi!

Kali has some helper scripts that they are bundling with their GVM packages and I’ve found sometimes that running gvm-check-setup (see gvm | Kali Linux Tools) can offer some info/guidance when things aren’t fully running.


Thank you!

Yes, glory to the Pi! :grin:

I’ve already done this script and no errors was returned. Following some threads here, it seem that gvm-check-setup only check if files were synced, not if they are loaded to DB. My problem seems to be the second one.

So, I decided to start from scratch with another Pi, another SD card to see if issue come back or not!

EDIT : Nope, no changes! Still “Interrupted at 0%”… gvm-setup is OK, gvm-check-setup is OK, no errors on ospd-openvas.log but “OSP start_scan a6cd93b1-d967-4cf2-82a6-346b8c3d9644: VTs list is empty” on gvmd.log

That’s pretty weird! I’m glad you were able to reproduce it with a fresh setup and I wonder if there are any other people here on the forum currently who are using the same combination. How much memory do your Pis have? I’m not totally sure if that’s an area to look but I’ve seen people report similar issues when running low.


Yes, definitively a RAM issue. Running in a Rpi 3 is not enough (1 GB RAM). So bad…

I will received a Rpi4 soon, I guess that it will solve this issue!

Thank you


Hi @Kptainflintt,

That’s good to know that that’s what it was and please let us know how it works out with the Rpi4!

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