Alerts not working


I’m using the latest containers (docker compose) but it seems that alerts do not work.

The “gvmd” container reports this error “email: system failed with ret 32512, 127, read FROM TO < /tmp/gvmd-args-PLEJ39; /usr/sbin/sendmail -f “$FROM” “$TO” < /tmp/gvmd-content-v7EiJ9 > /dev/null 2>&1”

I logged in into the container and it seems that sendmail is not installed.

If I install it, it does not work either. I guess sendmail needs some configuration
Is there any fix or hint about how to proceed?

Thanks in advance


the Greenbone Vulnerability Manager does not bring any mail service with it. I’d recommend using Postfix. You can find the documentation for basic setup here.

Ah ok.

Weird since the job try to run the “sendmail” binary. I would expect this is configured by default.
So I need to modify the container myself to add the mail service and configure it.


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Feel free to provide a PR for the gvmd container image.

how did you solved this one if you don’t mind? i am afraid that if i change the container on the next pull i will have to do it all again

Hello! I have already made a PR but it is still in “Review required” status since April. :frowning: Dunno what can I do to speed up it’s commitment.


+1 to this, any update on the PR?

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