Alerts configuration - Slack Notification

Hi Team,

I would like to get “Alerts” after running every scan in GVM-11 to my SLACK Channel
I could see there is an option called “HTTP GET URL” But the incoming webhook for slack channel didn’t work

Could you please help me to get all the alerts coming to a specific Slack channel
Let me know, if you need any further information in this regards.


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Moving into a better fitting category.

Hi Cfi,

Thanks for moving the ticket to the fitting category.
Hopefully someone in the team could help me in this regards.


Hi Team,

Could someone assist in this regards please


This would indeed be cool, also for other messengers such as Element.

Has anyone found a solution for the above?

@jimtsas there are multiple way to implement this notification.

easiest is to monitor log files and then create slack alerts.