“Alerts” and “Schedule” are missing from configuration in GSM 6 not a GCE

Moin Folks,

I found that there are no “Alerts” and “Schedule” in GSM. is there something I’m missing out on.
Could anyone help me out here or any other way to create Email notification for Tasks?

FYI: its not a GCE Version


Moin Moin Sam,

What version of GOS are you currently using?

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I’m using Greenbone OS 6.0.0

What appliance ? GSM Maven and GSM One does not have “Alerts and Schedules” either :wink:


If you had this Options before, i first recommend upgrading to the current version (6.0.2). Then a feed update. Leave the GSM some time for the feed update and then let me know whether the problem still exists.

Like @Lukas said: Be aware: Not every version has this options :wink:


Hi guys,

Thanks for the Reply, yes it works after the upgrade.

thank you again :slight_smile:


Hey Sam,

Nice to hear.

We are always happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: