After TRIAL period expired NVTs do not show up. No checksum for

I installed Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL OS 21.04.19 as referred by the following community edition link: Setting Up the Greenbone Security Manager TRIAL (GSM TRIAL) Virtual Machine . I installed the GSM from the OVA and the community feed worked during the 14 day trial. However, when the trial was over all NVTs shown on the “Scan Configs” screen in the GSM disappeared.
Running “journalctl -f” reveals the following errors:
Aug 19 14:35:30 gsm openvas[22338]: No checksum for /opt/greenbone/feed/plugins/
Aug 19 14:35:30 gsm ospd-openvas[554]: OSPD[535] ERROR: (ospd_openvas.openvas) OpenVAS Scanner failed to load VTs. Command ‘[‘openvas’, ‘–update-vt-info’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.
My admin user used when I SSH into the system does not have permissions needed to generate any keys using gnupg as referenced in some other posts.
Any ideas for how to get the community feeds working again in this post Enterprise-TRIAL VM?


this sounds like the bug we just fixed in the newest GOS releases, cf. Greenbone OS 22.04.1 and Greenbone OS 21.04.21 released.

As far as I know the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL with GOS 22.04.0 is not affected by this issue, so you can try downloading and installing the newest version from Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL - Greenbone Networks.

We will also publish an new TRIAL with GOS 22.04.1 next week.

Since the TRIAL does not support our seamless upgrade technology, there is no way to fix your 21.04.19 TRIAL sadly.


Hmm. That is sad. I appreciate your candidness. It’s too bad there’s not a way to now run my installed TRIAL version as a true working community version.

@jcrockett how about installing open source edition?

The Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL is not a community version. It is a virtual machine to test our product. For our community edition see Greenbone Community Documentation

Disclaimer: The Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL is a successor of the so called Greenbone Community Edition VM which had a very confusing name. It got renamed to GSM TRIAL afterwards to reflect that it is a VM for trying out the Greenbone product.


That is definitely an option. I ran into some issues with the Open Source edition that I thought the TRIAL community version would address. It looks like I was hoping for too much overlap and less problems. I will continue to consider my options. Thank you.